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Maharana Pratap Films Showreel .

Maharana Pratap Films Showreel .

Maharana Pratap Films Showreel . The First Freedom Fighter Of India A Film By Dr. Pradeep Kumawat This film is a tribute to brave – daring fighter and the legendary warrior Maharana Pratap, who is considered to be the first freedom fighter against Mughal invaders in the contemporary times and never surrendered in front of them. This film will unfold the untouched parts of the great life of Maharana Pratap and Mewar Kingdom. It will surely inspire the people of Indian nation as true symbol of the courage, spirit of sacrifice, loyalty and defence of their motherland as well as our country ‘The great Indian Nation’.

In the line of media and entertainment ALOK SANSKAR VISION FILMS with a purpose started a historical film named “Maharana Pratap : The First Freedom Fighter” in the year 2005 with a vision to highlightthe bravery andgallant of Maharana Pratap a warrior fighting ceaselessly for kingdom and nation, his spirit of defending motherland must reach to every citizen of this country.
Undoubtedly it is the most famous & popular historical story of fighting for freedom has been conveyed from generation after generation, which with the King Akbar and their great strategies.
A clear pictorial presentation of this legendry heroic tale has been presented in the form of a film to motivate the Indian nation.
The film portrays an image of self respect (Swabhimaan) in the character of Maharna Pratap as a chief protagonist of the film and his valiant associates and the fact is there are only two legendary figures in the Indian nation which are remembered for the bravery and self respect that is Maharana Pratap and Chatrapati Shivaji, who represented their greatness by the means of self respect and never surrendered in front of foreign invaders. The film’s Producer-Director Dr. Pradeep Kumawat
Executive Director Nishchay Kumawat
Cinematographer Manmohan Bhatnagar

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